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Keep your offices hygienically clean, and protect people and facilities by preventing and controlling harmful pathogens in your work environments.


Elite Corporate Cleaning Solutions

Clear Protect Group is your first choice in premium corporate cleaning solutions. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to creating pristine corporate environments, tailored specifically for blue-chip customers.

Why Choose Us?

Client Alignment

As a boutique provider, we are selective with our clientele. This ensures that each project we undertake aligns with our expertise, guaranteeing top-tier service.

Unmatched Staff Retention

We believe in treating our staff with respect and appreciation. The cleaning industry often sees high turnover; however, we’re proud of our excellent staff retention rate. We ensure our team members are well-compensated, appreciated, and trained to deliver nothing but the best.

Five-Star Housekeeping

Our corporate cleaning service is comparable to the luxury of five-star housekeeping. We often maintain a higher day presence of service staff in your corporate premises, ensuring a continuously clean, hygienic, and presentable environment. No task is too big or too small – from deep cleaning surfaces to providing unique antimicrobial treatments.

Aligned Values

Our company ethos is rooted in values like innovation, integrity, continuous improvement and exceptional service. These principles don’t just guide our operations – they resonate with the values of our esteemed clients.

Exceptional Track Record

With years of experience, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of New Zealand’s largest blue-chip organisations. Our reputation for consistency, quality, and attention to detail is second to none.

Sustainability Focus

As proud members of the Sustainable Business Network, our cleaning solutions are not just effective – they’re eco-friendly too.

Your office space is a reflection of your brand. It speaks volumes to your staff, clients, and stakeholders. Ensure it’s always making the right statement with Clear Protect Group. Cleanliness, high standards and professionalism – all in one comprehensive service package.

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    Clear Protect Group specialises in high-elevation cleaning solutions, uniquely equipped to tackle challenging and hard-to-reach areas.

    Industrial Services

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