Height Safety Cleaning Services


Height Safety Cleaning Services

Clear Protect Group specialises in high-elevation cleaning solutions, uniquely equipped to tackle challenging and hard-to-reach areas that demand height safety expertise and specialised access equipment.

Our Expertise

Our qualified teams boast extensive experience, having successfully completed intricate projects for a wide spectrum of clients, including major commercial and industrial facilities, private organisations, and local government entities. Our service portfolio encompasses both exterior and interior works, tailored to meet the unique needs of each sector.

Exterior Services
  • Roof Cleaning: We excel in the meticulous cleaning of roofs, preserving their integrity and appearance.
  • Building Washing: Our teams effectively cleanse building exteriors, enhancing their visual appeal and longevity.
  • Silo Cleaning: We specialise in silo cleaning, ensuring optimal hygiene and functionality.
Interior Services

Internal Walls and Ceilings: Our proficiency extends to the cleaning of interior surfaces, maintaining a pristine environment.

Specialised Manufacturing Plant and Equipment Cleaning: We possess the expertise to access, clean and maintain specialised manufacturing equipment.

Food Manufacturing Expertise

In the food manufacturing and processing sector, we excel at accessing hard-to-reach areas above production equipment. We are adept at resolving mould contamination issues that may impact these critical spaces, ensuring a sanitary production environment.

Comprehensive Height Safety

Our fully qualified height safety teams are well-versed in utilising harnesses, safety ropes, fixed walkways, static lines, anchor points, and safety claws. Depending on the project requirements, we leverage a versatile range of equipment, including elevated work platforms, boom lifts, fixed scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, platform ladders, and more.

Why Choose Clear Protect Group
  • Food Manufacturing Specialists: We have in-depth knowledge of the food manufacturing sector.
  • Commercial and Industrial Experience: Our extensive experience covers diverse industries.
  • Complex Heights Projects: We understand the intricacies of working at heights.
  • Adherence to New Zealand Standards: We strictly adhere to local safety standards and regulations.
  • Qualified Height Safety Technicians: Our teams are staffed by qualified experts.

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Corporate Services

We offer a range of first class, award winning solutions for keeping your corporate environment clean, healthy and productive.

Food Manufacturing Cleaning

Clear Protect Group is a leading provider of specialised cleaning and pathogen control solutions tailored to the unique needs of the food manufacturing and processing sector.

Industrial Services

Height work, building washes, roofs, silos, general water blasting, building protection and coatings, we provide an array of industrial cleaning solutions.
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