clean what you can see and protect against what you can't see

Clear Protect Product Solutions

Our range of specialised products offer solutions for all industries and helps to keep staff, work environments and facilities safe, healthy and hygienic.

Commercial & Household ranges

Our Product Range

The Clear Protect name is synonymous with cutting edge, high performance products for cleaning and hygiene applications.

With a focus on clever chemistry and sustainability, we develop quality products that deliver a real difference for our customers.

 Clear Protect products are made in New Zealand, MPI approved for use in food and beverage processing and halal certified. This range includes bamboo wipes products, surface sanitisers, antimicrobial fogging agents, dual purpose hand and surface sanitisers, live bacteria products and industrial polymers and mould inhibitors.

A Global Focus

Alongside our own range of New Zealand made products, we actively source products and technology from around the world to bring the latest innovations to our customers.

We welcome enquiries regarding product development, product distribution, export or other partnership opportunities. 

SAN-AIR New Zealand

Clear Protect Group is the New Zealand importer and distributor of the award winning SAN-AIR range of products from Australia. 

SAN-AIR is an all natural solution for improving indoor air quality. Backed by an impressive library of test data, the products are proven to be effective against airborne contaminants including bacteria, viruses and mould.

The range includes products for residential and commercial users, as well as trade and industrial users.

The products are available for consumers to buy online, and available to trade and industrial users from J.A. Russell stores nationally.

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