SAN-AIR product range officially launched in New Zealand

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Clear Protect Group is excited to announce that the award winning SAN-AIR range of products is now available in New Zealand.

Originally designed for controlling mould, the SAN-AIR V3R range has recently been tested against Covid-19 and has been shown to kill 99.99% of airborne Covid-19.

What is SAN-AIR?

SAN-AIR products are manufactured in Australia using natural, sustainable, high-quality Australian ingredients.

The SAN-AIR product range includes liquid and gel based products containing antimicrobial properties that are shown to be highly effective against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi.

Safe and non-toxic, the products are suitable for use in a range of indoor spaces including homes, commercial offices, vehicles and industrial facilities.

SAN-AIR is available in commercial sized trade gel packs for larger air handling systems and air conditioning equipment. The trade gel packs are suitable for treating large format commercial and industrial facilities such as factories, hospitals or multi-story commercial buildings.

Research and development is ongoing at SAN-AIR, with the recent success of a TGA listing in Australia and testing against airborne Covid-19. Visit the SAN-AIR science page for independent test results.

Click here to buy SAN-AIR products online, or contact us for trade, retail or other distribution enquiries.

Clear Protect Group is the exclusive distributor of SAN-AIR products in New Zealand.