Professional Sports

CPG is an award winning business that specialises in cleaning and hygiene solutions for the professional and elite sports sectors

We are leaders in the field of antimicrobial protection and have developed comprehensive health safety systems for some of the largest sporting events on the planet. Our consultancy team have years of experience working with senior management, team doctors and support staff as well as the athletes themselves.

We specialise in devising innovative protection programs that prioritise risk management, health & wellbeing and the environment, contributing to the ongoing success of not only the athletes and all associated personnel but the very events themselves.

Athletes Hygiene

The ClearProtect24 Hand Sanitiser & Protectant protects hand for up to 24-hours with a single application. The product is applied after hands are washed and dried and will stay active even after normal washing with soap and water.

Safe, non-toxic and water-based, it can be used as a superior alternative to alcohol hand sanitiser. Available in individual personal packs for use by athletes during travel and as wall dispensers for facilities (supplied and serviced by Clear Protect).

Uniform Protection

Antimicrobial technology can be incorporated into uniforms, providing the fabrics with antimicrobial properties for up to 50 washes (effectively the life of the garment).

Athletes have an extra level of protection against the hazards that are naturally present in the environment, including water, traditional grass pitches and artificial turf environments, and contact with other athletes.