Food Manufacturing

We operate on a 24/7 basis, with services delivered by friendly, experienced teams

Clear Protect is an award winning service business that specialises in cleaning and hygiene solutions for the food manufacturing sector.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Our qualified teams can apply a range of tested and proven antimicrobial coatings for long lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, mould and yeast (up to 30-days protection). Approved for direct food contact surfaces and suitable for equipment, conveyors, air-handling systems, walls, ceilings and floors.

Critical Hygiene Cleaning

Cleaning, sanitising and antimicrobial protection for red line areas, critical hygiene areas and RTE high care zones. Our qualified teams can work with you to troubleshoot problems, prevent cross contamination and control difficult pathogens.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas Disinfection

Total disinfection of equipment and facilities using a dry, high volume chlorine dioxide (cl02) gas process. The gas reaches inaccessible areas including hard to access equipment, cracks in floors, drain systems and air handling units. Highly effective against listeria and other harmful pathogens.

Mould Control & Prevention

Cleaning and removal of mould from walls, ceilings, pipework, specialised equipment and air handling systems. Antimicrobial coatings for inhibiting further mould growth. Outdoor solutions for external walls, roofs, concrete pathways and tank farms.

Height Cleaning

Height safety qualified teams for all height cleaning requirements – high stud internal areas, roofs, external walls and tank farms. Specialised cleaning, mould removal and antimicrobial protection.

Air Quality Services

Services include air quality testing, reviewing and recommending filters, protecting filters with antimicrobial coatings, cleaning and protection of air handling systems (including filter housings, coils, ducting and air outlets). Energy efficiency audits.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services, Audit and compliance cleaning, challenging cleaning problems, hot / cold water blasting, stainless steel cleaning and building washes. Green and chemical free options.