Clear Protect is an award winning service business that specialises in antimicrobial protection for major organisations

By preventing and controlling harmful pathogens in critical business environments, our innovative service programs protect people and facilities. We focus on results driven solutions that create safer, healthier work environments - better places to do business.

Flexible Working Environments

Globally, major organisations are rapidly evolving traditional office environments into flexible, agile working spaces. These modern spaces typically involve shared work settings (desks) and employees no longer have fixed workstations.

This style of flexible working encourages learning, collaboration and productivity, but presents a number of challenges from a hygiene perspective – work settings can be used by several different people in a day.

There are a number of health and wellbeing considerations with these types of work spaces - these include employee concerns about sharing work surfaces and spaces with colleagues, and the potential for germs and illnesses to be spread more quickly between staff and within a building.

Clear Protect has worked on the planning and implementation of major projects for global organisations moving to flexible working environments. These projects included the design of completely new cleaning and hygiene programs for two buildings with over 1,500 employees.

We are in the unique position of being able to share our learnings about how people interact and operate when they move from a static desk-based environment to a flexible working environment.

Corporate Services

Antimicrobial Building Treatments

Our trained teams can apply a range of tested and proven antimicrobial coating technologies for long lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, mould and yeast. Suitable for use on all surfaces in corporate buildings, including critical touch points (anything touched or operated by hand), desks and work settings, shared technology devices, meeting rooms and high risk communal areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

These revolutionary coatings provide protection for between 30 and 90 days and are not affected by normal cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality

We offer a range of solutions for cleaning and protecting the air in your corporate facilities, including air quality testing, reviewing and recommending filters, protecting filters with antimicrobial coatings, cleaning and protection of air handling systems, including filter housings, coils, ducting and air outlets. We supply a range of air cleansing equipment that can be installed in buildings on a temporary or permanent basis.

Chemical Free Buildings*

The use of cleaning chemicals (‘green’ or otherwise) can have a major impact on the indoor air quality of buildings and has been linked to staff productivity, allergies, chemical sensitivity and the general health and wellbeing of staff.

The Tersano lotus PRO unit creates Stabilized, Aqueous Ozone (SAO) that can be used to replace traditional chemical cleaners, deodorisers and sanitisers. It is 100% chemical free, non-irritant, environmentally friendly and approved/certified by a number of organisations (Green Seal, HACCP, etc.). This patented system is being adopted by major organisations globally.

Clear Protect is an authorised distributor of the Tersano Lotus Pro system and supplies, installs and services machines.

*We commonly reduce up to 95% of chemicals being used in a building.

Technology Hygiene

Cleaning, sanitising and protection of staff work setting (workstations, chairs, phones, keyboards, mice), shared technology devices, server rooms and data centres. Solutions for call centres and shared / flexible working environments (hot desking).