Mould Remediation & Confined Spaces Entry, Food Manufacturing Facility

Project Info

Industrial Food Factory Cleaning


The Problem / Issue

Clear Protect Group, a leading provider of industrial cleaning and food safety solutions, was recently approached by a premier New Zealand food production facility to address a critical issue. The challenge involved contamination within the facility’s HVAC ductwork that was significantly affecting product quality and integrity. 

The contamination had led to mould issues, which had a direct impact on the quality of the food products, resulting in a spike in customer complaints. Clear Protect Group’s expertise in resolving HVAC-related microbial problems was sought to mitigate these issues promptly and effectively.

The Solution

When faced with the critical task of decontaminating a food production facility’s HVAC system, Clear Protect Group’s skilled team executed a detailed food safety-first approach. Our solution was twofold: ensuring the utmost safety during the confined spaces work and delivering a thorough sanitation process that left the system in pristine condition.

Final Touches for Optimal Air Quality

Concluding our intensive cleaning process within the confined space, we thoroughly cleaned and sanitised the grills and outlets connecting the ducting to the packing area, ensuring that every section was restored to optimal condition for the best air quality.

Your Trusted Partner in HVAC Hygiene

At Clear Protect Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, including health and safety, food safety and quality considerations. Our detailed approach and robust cleaning methods are testament to our dedication to providing effective solutions for major customers. 

Contact us today to safeguard your facility against contamination.

Testing & Analysis

Before cleaning, strategic swab tests in ducting areas provided insights for an informed strategy and samples sent to independent lab offered detailed analysis for targeted cleaning approach.

Expert Removal & Cleaning Techniques

Internal insulation removal uncovered significant contamination. ‘Triple-pass’ cleaning, including scrubbing, vacuuming, and sanitisation, was applied systematically.

Proactive Prevention Measures

Triple-pass’ deep cleaning aims to prevent future mould growth. Prompt sealing of ducting post-treatment prevents new contaminants, ensuring ongoing protection.

Attention to Detail

Cleaning efforts extended beyond ducting to surrounding environment, including comprehensive sweeping, vacuuming, rubbish removal and fogging to further safeguard against airborne contaminants.


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